I have always loved art, but developed a particular interest in ceramics in my early 20s.  I was working in the fashion industry and living in Hackney, it was a very inspirational time for me and I loved being part of an amazing, creative area of London with such an incredible variety of galleries and artists.

When I was expecting my first son I decided to be a stay-at-home mum.  I used to spend hours wandering round the galleries, marvelling at the displays, and fell in love with a stunning contemporary bowl.  It was beautiful, but expensive, and we were really not in a position to buy it, however I took every opportunity I could to go and admire it.  I had a difficult pregnancy and spent a lot of time in hospital; one day after being discharged I arrived home to find the bowl on the table waiting for me.  My husband Andrew had bought it to cheer me up and it certainly did!  It was a total inspiration and I remember thinking right then how marvellous it would be to make such a beautiful piece of art.

A few years later we had moved to Tonbridge and now had three boys.  I began to realise my dream by starting a City and Guilds Pottery Course at the Adult Education Centre there.  I stayed there for seven years as well as attending many residential pottery courses which I’ve found invaluable. I’d thoroughly recommend La Meridiana in Tuscany and Richard Phethean’s Intensive Throwing Course both of which are excellent. I love decorative ceramics, but have found a real passion for creating functional pieces which I can enjoy touching and using on a daily basis.  

With my boys growing up fast, I began to feel ready for a new challenge and started to imagine how wonderful it would be to offer pottery classes in a creative environment with an array of up-to-date equipment and dedicated tutors.  Everything came together really quickly and in September 2014 The Ceramic Studio opened.  We cover all aspects of ceramics and work hard to make sure your experience is friendly, relaxed and as enjoyable as possible.

It’s not easy juggling family and making time for something I love. When life gets complicated, I find the relaxing feeling of throwing a pot or being creative with glazing always gets me through it! I really do think that ceramics is life enhancing and would recommend it to everyone – you can just drift off and leave everything behind you…